Wedding Cakes, the sugar highs and lows…

Wedding Cakes, the sugar highs and lows…
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Cake, cake glorious cake. I blame cake entirely for my bride to be weight gain (9lbs wahh). However, the deliciousness that is a lovely slice of the sweet stuff is pretty fundamental in weddings. Obviously there are alternatives for non cake lovers like cheese, pork pie or macaroons but for me, it’s all about the proper cake.

Wedding cake makers are quite literally ten a penny but a few stood out to us so we started to make a few appointments for consultations. A consultation means tasting cake whilst creating your dream design, with tasting being the most important part, obviously.
Whilst we are yet to decide who will be making our cake, here are things I have learnt so far:

Not all cakes are equal

Creating wedding cakes is a very special skill which I can only admire, it can’t be easy to get those clean instragrammable lines that we love. It’s important to look for experts in the style of cake you love, that way you don’t run the risk of surprises on the day.
It’s not just about style though, substance is essential. More people remember your cake for the taste than the look. My sister got married four years ago and people still talk about the Cherry Bakewell layer! I love places that offer flavours that aren’t your classic sponge or fruit (a waste of a cake in my book).

Consultations can come with a cost


I was surprised when I had my first charge for a consultation but don’t let it take you by surprise. Usually, the cost of a consultation will come off the price of your cake, should you wish to go with that person. Some just ask you for a refundable deposit to ensure you turn up, whilst others may just want you to cover the cost of samples.

Have a vague idea of what you want

When you go for a consultation, go armed. It’s a good idea to have a few images of stuff you’ve seen online, you’ll also need to know how many guests you plan to serve as this can influence the amount of tiers. However, if you’re set on a tall cake but don’t know how you’d eat your way through it all, you can always opt for a few ‘dummy’ tiers. I personally love it when your cake is sketched in front of you, it really helps you to visualise the cake that you’ll end up designing together.

Delivery Charges

Most suppliers will charge you the same if your venue is in their patch. However, cake delivery is usually calculated based on mileage so it’s worth seeing if there are any good options close to your venue. It’s a much better idea to spend the money on cake not delivery.
Marie Antoinette

It’s only cake!

The process is a confusing one due to the amount of choice and varying costs. So I just keep telling myself, it’s only cake!
Here are some of the suppliers who have caught our eye at wedding fairs and online. I’d love to know your favourites too!

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