Two weeks to 10k

Two weeks to 10k

I signed up for Race For Life with all the women on my Dad’s side of the family, because like many of you, cancer has shat all over our family and we wanted to do our bit to try and stop that happening again.


Time ticked on and as our race packs and t-shirts arrived in the post, it dawned on me that race day was fast approaching and I should probably start preparing. I normally go to the gym 5 times a week and had planned to leisurely jog on the day, as the main point of Race For Life is fundraising, not getting your PB. At this point I should add that I HATE running, I’m a HIIT girl at heart and the thought of prolonged periods of exercise knocks me sick.

As the donations started adding up, I felt more and more pressure to run the whole course so two weeks ago I started training with the hope of running the whole thing in under an hour! Here’s a sweaty pic after one of my training sessions to prove I did I put the hours in…

Today was race day and it was AMAZING, the atmosphere was fab and ‘The Clarks’ looked amazing…


I also miraculously managed to run the whole race!!!! If you’re interested in how fast I did it then watch my video of the day below and if you’re feeling generous then please pop some pennies in the pot…



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