The night before our wedding

The night before our wedding

I can’t quite believe that we’ve been married nearly four months. Time has absolutely flown by and whilst most people want their photographs and videos straight away, I’ve actually enjoyed the wait – anything for another excuse to indulge ourselves in memories again!

Although it did mean that I couldn’t share any of the details of our day with you until I had them back so here is the first of several posts about our very special wedding weekend.

Our wedding was split into three different events:

  • The Friday night dinner
  • The Wedding
  • The Garden Party

We always wanted a full weekend of celebrations as we are from different parts of the country and knew that all of our guests would be travelling for a couple of hours to help us celebrate. This dream narrowed our options of a venue to only a few but we were set on Dorfold Hall from the moment we visited.

The Friday Night Dinner

The Friday night had a real family focus, we had spent the afternoon decorating the marquee and chatting with suppliers which is a part of the weekend that I absolutely loved because it got me so excited about the next day. Friday focused around our immediate family so we had a family dinner party in the dining room of Dorfold. Catherine Skates catered the meal which consisted of canapes, the most incredible lasagne with garlic bread and caeser salad, finishing the evening off with a stunning cheesecake.

After dinner our bridesmaids and groomsmen joined us, I escaped to the ceremony room with the girls and we rehearsed the walk up the aisle (which I really recommend) whilst Jonny head to his cottage with the lads and had a few beers until the early hours. I was slightly more sensible and ended the night fairly early after a couple of glasses of champagne and a natter.

I spent my last night as a single woman with my sister. There’s nothing I love more than a sleepover with my sister so I couldn’t think of anyone better to share the bridal suite with the night before. I’m the type of person who usually falls asleep in seconds after hitting the pillow but I struggled (like most people) to get to sleep that night due to all the excitement.  A few things I did which I think made it a little easier to sleep was lathering myself in sleepy lotion from Lush, super soft new pyjamas and spraying This Works pillow spray all over the bed.

The night before the wedding is such a special moment, I flitted between feeling of excitement and nervousness. I was also so worried that I was going to feel anxious but I think that being on site 24 hours before the wedding meant that I was able to settle in and squash any of those feelings before they happened. I also had a great tip from my therapist which was ‘the mood you have at the wedding will feed into the atmosphere and the mood of the guests’, I kept reminding myself of this all weekend because I knew that I wanted there to be positive and happy vibes throughout.

That’s it for this post, the next one will cover all the details about the Saturday which will hopefully give you some ideas for your wedding day too.


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