My First UK Holiday

My First UK Holiday

Back in June I went on my first week long holiday in the UK and I wish I’d taken one sooner.

The holiday was to celebrate my Grandma’s 75th birthday so it was a family affair with eleven of us making the trip to Monmouth to enjoy a week of British Summer…

When we arrived it was the end of a scorching week which was super exciting because we had our own pool! Obviously I’d purchased a Primani flamingo to make the most of it. We stayed in an amazing house called The Benches.

I felt like I was in cribs thanks to the pool and the swish kitchen and the view just didn’t get old. The week involved a lot of family stuff, a bbq, meals out, an afternoon tea, loads of games and a trip to Longleat Safari Park. One particular highlight was that we had a beautician come to do spa treatments at the house – bliss! Oh, I also managed to escape for a day to try on wedding dresses with my Mum and Grandma at Victoria Lou Bridal.

Monmouth isn’t massive and I spent a lot of time in this pool so there’s not loads I can suggest outside of food and drink but I know you guys like that type of thing so here goes…

The Cider Trip

I didn’t imagine ever going to an artisan cider orchard, I feel ridiculous saying it! However, visiting the Apple County Cider Company was a great way to spend a couple of hours. After driving up a country road you arrive in a farm yard where you can see the ‘shop’ (side of a barn) and a button that says ‘ring for cider’. Obviously we rung that bell! The owner then greeted us and pointed us in the direction of the orchard so could have a wander. Once we’d had enough we headed back to try some authentic cider (a far cry from Koppaberg!) which was pretty special, I’m a fruity cider girl so to find some apple cider that I liked was a treat. They also sold Nom Nom Welsh chocolate which is so worth every penny!


The Vineyard

Okay, so it wasn’t the South or France but Welsh wine isn’t to be sniffed at and Sugarloaf Vineyard was gorgeous in every way, from the staff to the views to the wine. Again, we took ourselves on a self tour before finding the perfect spot to enjoy a taste of the wine with an amazing deli board of local delights.


The Walk

Jonny spent much of this trip playing golf with my Uncle so I decided it would be nice to go for a walk with my Mum and Stepdad. I persuaded them to walk to The Kymin with me – a 1.5hr long trip… that’s what Google said anyway. That’s my first piece of advice… do not use Google Maps. We ended up taking 2.5hrs just to get to the top after walking across a bean field (illegal), scaling a barbed wire fence (painful) and getting chased by playful Welsh Sheep (suprisingly terrifying). By the time we got back to the house we were shattered but we’d had so many laughs that it made every moment worth it.




Here are a few of my favourite pics…



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