My best friend’s wedding

My best friend’s wedding

I couldn’t start a wedding blog without telling you about the wedding I went to in Italy back in June 2016…

When my best friend said she was getting married in Italy, I expected a day that would be sunny, stylish and scenic. Whilst the sun didn’t shine for the whole day, the wedding was very stylish and the views were as stunning as expected.

What I couldn’t predict from a wedding abroad was the intimacy that it would bring, it wasn’t just the streamlined numbers that created this intimacy, it was the fact we’d gathered far from home for two very special people.

We spent the evening before the wedding tucking into take out pizza’s getting to know other friends and family of the couple. As cheesy as it sounds (no pizza pun intended), we arrived in Italy as wedding guests but shared a weekend that meant we left as much more than that.

Here are a few pics of Jess’ wedding, I’m going to persuade her to write a post about getting married abroad as I think it will help those of you who are planning something similar.


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