Wedding planning problems

Wedding planning problems

Planning a wedding is not all it’s cracked up to be… Yes there is joy in the form of dress shopping, cake tasting and venue hunting but there is also stress, disappointment and more stress. There have been lots of little things that have happened to us but the two major stresses have been our caterers going bust and our band cancelling and I’ll leave out the story of my missing bridesmaid dress…

Our caterers cancelled

If you watched my last video post, you’ll know that our caterers went bust and like many other brides in the North West I had to go through the pain staking process of claiming for this through my wedding insurance. We have now secured three other food suppliers to do the job that our previous caterers were meant to do. Luckily though, I think we’re going to end up with a much tastier weekend overall. We actually had our tasting of the canapes and wedding breakfast on Friday and it was amazing. Just have a look at the tasting room…



Abandoned by our band

I genuinely thought that would be the run of our bad luck for the wedding, I thought wrong. The same week we managed to close our insurance claim, our band cancelled – oh the joys! This was frustrating more than anything as we’d spent a good month choosing which band to go with because we’re fussy and couldn’t book ‘The Rush’ because they were busy. So after seeing ‘Funk Soul Family’ live in March 2017, we decided to book them, we paid our deposit and ticked another job off the ‘to do’ list. Fast forward exactly a year and they cancelled because the lead singer was no longer available… that was all the explanation I was given. Personally brides, I don’t think this is acceptable which is why I am naming and shaming them.


This is the part where I should give you some tips on how to deal with wedding stress but I’m in no position to preach any type of advice because I’m not dealing with it very well (hello anxiety!). However, I have got three of smaller coping strategies which you can try… have a cuddle, a Creme Egg and a good cry!




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  • Oh my god. Sounds so stressful but it’s so great you’ve finally sorted , goes to show how important wedding insurance is , we took it out straight away. !

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