I finally said Yes To The Dress!

I finally said Yes To The Dress!

A miracle has happened; I have actually bought a wedding dress!


I’m in disbelief, after 6 months, 10 bridal boutiques, an appearance on Say Yes To The Dress and trying on more than 50 dresses, I finally bit the bullet and made a decision.


On Saturday, I visited Ava Rose Hamilton in Colne, it was never on my list of ‘must visits’ but it really should be on yours. There are only a few shops that I feel have offered that super special bridal experience you expect, Ava Rose Hamilton was top of that list!



Reasons why you should go:

  • Loads of designers who are all different, so whatever your style – you’ll find something.
  • Private dressing rooms with gorgeous sofas, podiums to stand on and even burning fires.
  • Excellent drinks on offer. “Would you like a bucks fizz?” these are the words I like to hear on a Saturday morning.
  • Wonderful staff who make you feel relaxed; the ladies are lovely and actually offer opinions.
  • You pick the dresses you want to try and are free to browse alone/with your entourage.
  • All alterations are done on site for a fixed price.


I narrowed my whole search down to two dresses, which by chance were both in stock at Ava Rose. This was a dream, trying dresses on one after the other is so much better than trying them in different stores at different times. If you’re stuck between a couple of dresses I’d recommend trying to find them in the same store, even if it means travelling to try them on and purchasing ‘the one’ closer to home.


I’m not the only bride who has been torn between two dresses, my sister had the same problem. I wish I could offer some advice on how to choose, but it really does need to be the one you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle in. My approach was to get out of the dresses and take 5 minutes to think about it, I sat on the sofa in a robe and remembered how I felt in each dress and I felt the answer came to me quite naturally.


I’d actually tried ‘the one’ on in August,I remember I didn’t want to leave it in the shop in case someone else chose it. Looking back, that was probably a sign that I should have bought it on the spot. However, I can’t buy a jumper without looking around every shop in the Trafford Centre first, so it was only right that I took the same approach to dress shopping! I know over shopping isn’t the best idea when buying your wedding dress, but for me, it was a necessity and I’m glad I did it.


I feel so relieved now the decision is made and I can’t wait for my fittings especially as I’m making a few tweaks to the design. I’ll pop another post up about all the boutiques I visited so you can have a think if they are for you or not.


Happy shopping!


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