Here comes the bridesmaid

Here comes the bridesmaid

2018 was also going to be a huge year for my friends, a new arrival was due (she’s here now and she’s beautiful) and two weddings were planned for the summer. They say things can only get better and 2018 just did. Six weeks ago, one of my bridesmaids decided to surprise us all and announced she was getting married too! After being engaged for four years she decided that she’d join the party and have a last minute wedding.

Laura fell in love with West Tower in Ormskirk the same week and decided to take the plunge and book for 8th April. This gave her eight weeks to plan her whole wedding. I have no idea how she’s pulled this off but her plans for the day are similar to those of somebody who has been planning their wedding for years.

One week after booking the venue she invited me and Jess (another bestie) to go dress shopping with her and it was a lovely treat to be sat on the sofa rather than in the dressing room with my boobs hanging out. Aside from having the pleasure of watching her try on dresses and even finding the one, it became an even more special day because she asked me to be her maid of honour!!!

The question couldn’t have come at a better time, I was feeling low after our caterers cancelled and it really cheered me up, it also meant I could focus on someone else’s wedding for a little while. Fast forward a few weeks and her hen do is booked for Easter Sunday, it’s all top secret at the minute but I’m hoping she’ll let me share some pictures once the hangovers have faded.

Has anyone else been a bridesmaid whilst planning their own wedding? It’s such a lovely feeling to know exactly what the other person is going through.


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