Dress shopping fears

Dress shopping fears

Tomorrow I am going wedding dress shopping. I’m booked into three boutiques and I’ve invited my Mum and Sister along so we can make an occasion of it (any excuse for cake!)

I am really excited to spend the day trying on stunning dresses and I really hope I find one this weekend. However, I am quite nervous and can’t stop thinking about silly things, like…

Do I have to get my boobs out in front of a stranger?
Should I wear spanx?
How should I do my make-up/hair?
What if I hate them all?
What if I love them all?
What if I love one and the others hate it?
Does ‘the dress’ really exist?
What if I get stuck in one/accidentally ruin one?

Did anyone else have worries about going dress shopping? Hopefully when/if I find ‘the one’ all these woes will be a distant memory.

I’ll let you know how it goes next week… bring on the shopping!!!


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