Documenting your perfect day!

Documenting your perfect day!
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As soon as we booked our venue we prioritised the search for the perfect photographer and videographer. I was obsessed with this task for at least a month.  My nightly routine was… get home from work, go to the gym, have tea, spend 3 hours looking at beautiful photos and videos, go to bed. I’ll warn you now that this is such an emotional task, I literally cried at every single wedding video I watched,  partly due to my engagement hormones (this should be a legit thing) but also the fact that I am completely soft.

I dedicated a lot of time to this part of planning because I wanted to make sure we nailed these suppliers and found ones whose style would suit us. Here are my top tips for finding your photographers and videographers :

Look at LOADS of suppliers

As a starting point look at those who have done shoots at your venue, then look on wedding blogs to see if any particular styles jump out. Also, look out for special offers/freebies at wedding fairs!

Make a shortlist

We got quotes from about 10 photographers and 10 videographers, I’m not joking when I say I got a genuine quote for £7000!!! This way you can filter out those that aren’t in your budget, obviously we filtered out that photographer…

Make a shorter, shortlist

Try and narrow your list down to three and then arrange meetings with each of them.  We only had to do this with our photographers because we fell in love with our videographer immediately.

Meet them for a natter!

Get those meetings booked in and then see what you think of them, these people will be with you all day so it goes without saying that you need to like them. I really struggled after we met our three photographers because they were all lovely and I could have imagined each one of them at our wedding. Luckily, all three had different styles so we were able to pick based on our favourite style.

I’ve had quite a few people asking me what you should ask photographers/videographers when you meet them so here are my top questions:

  1. When should we expect to see the photos?
  2. Will we own the full copyright to the images?
  3. What time will you arrive/stay until?
  4. Will you require a meal? I do think though that it’s best to give them food even if they say no, that way they will stay on site!
  5. Who the team will be on the day/how will the team split for bride and groom shots?
  6. What are the album options? Ask if you can look at physical albums if that’s what you think you’ll want
  7. How many weddings do you do a year? I like this question as you’re able to understand how their business runs.
  8. Are you able to get some specific shots I want? Here’s the Pinterest moment, you can pull out pics on your phone that you love to see if your photographer is open to taking something similar.
  9. Do you do pre-wedding shoots? Where will you travel for these?
  10. What is the booking process? When are payments due?

Hopefully that will help you on your search, I’ve popped a few of our favourites below to start you off on your journey, don’t worry the £7000 photographer isn’t in there.



Teresa C

Jo Bradbury

Jonny Draper


The Lawsons

Aaron Rose

Tom Harrington Films

Adam Wing Films


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Photo Credit: Jo Bradbury

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