I must confess that I am a holiday addict and to fund this expensive habit I spend A LOT of time looking for the best deals. Our trip to Budapest is one I’m particularly proud of as I managed to bag the flights (Ryanair) and accommodation (Airbnb) for just £100 each for 3 nights!

As a city Budapest is laid back and as there aren’t loads of ‘must see’ sights, you have the pleasure of being able to potter around the city and live like the locals a little. If you’re visiting Budapest any time soon, I’d recommend the fitting in the following:

  1. Faust Wine Cellar – A wine cellar hidden beneath the Hilton by the castle is run by a married couple who serve up the most delicious cheese scones during the wine tasting. You can choose a 6 or 9 wine tasting, we started on the 6 but soon upgraded to the 9 when we realised the end was fast approaching… It’s worth booking in advance of your trip as there are only 6 tables for each sitting.
  1. Ruin Bars – This is the only bar I’ve visited where somebody has tried to sell me a carrot whilst I’ve been sat on an old cinema seat. They’re built in derelict buildings and decked out with glorified pieces of the junk, as a brucey bonus you can get a glass of drinkable Hungarian wine for about £2! The ruin bars feel like a less thought out version of the Northern Quarter which adds to their charm. If you fancy a visit to one then Szimpla Kert is the largest and most famous.
  1. St Stephen’s Basilica – Bear with me on this one… I’m not suggesting you visit for a Sunday service, instead buy a ticket (approx. £1.50) from the near the stairs and take the walk to the very top of the Basilica for great views across the city. We went up at about lunch time, there weren’t many others at the top so there were plenty of photo opportunities with the gorgeous views.
  1. Zeller Bistro – I think it’s time to get back onto food… you’ll see a pattern emerging in my posts soon enough. We were recommended this stunning Bistro by friends, it’s a little walk out of the centre and into the Jewish Quarter but it’s worth those extra steps! The food is all locally sourced from the owner’s family farm and it’s worth letting the staff recommend you both dishes and wine as they know their stuff. Another great thing to note is that the table cloth is a massive piece of paper so you can spend the evening colouring in. This is another one worth booking in advance so you’re not disappointed.

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