The not so joyous task of bridesmaid dresses shopping

I love my bridesmaids, each one of them gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. When I’m with them I feel completely at home and I do believe they are the best bunch of girls on this planet.

However, this feeling started to diminish slightly when I was carrying two ASOS boxes and a TFNC bag through a rainy Manchester. Obviously it wasn’t the girls fault, but finding the perfect dresses for this group of gorgeous ladies wasn’t an easy task.

Newly engaged me was very much looking forward to this part of wedding planning and bridesmaid dresses were the first thing I looked at after we got engaged. ASOS lead me to believe that they had the solution for every bridesmaid, not only did I think this meant the task would be easy but I also thought I might be able to get them for a good price!

18 months before the wedding felt a bit premature to be looking at dresses though, I didn’t even have a colour scheme back then so I waited until August 2017. Excitedly I placed my first orders for bridesmaid dresses, I think I ordered eight styles in two sizes each. Feeling smug, I travelled to my Mums house with a box of macarons and the dresses and set up my own mini bridal boutique. I awaited the arrival of the girls and then there was a frenzy of dress trying. This was the realisation moment… it really wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.



My girls are all different shapes and sizes and to quote a fellow bride ‘you need to be 5’8 and a size 8 to fit into bridesmaid dresses from ASOS. As I packed all the unwanted dresses back into their boxes and headed to my closest Collect+ I decided I wouldn’t give up on the high street just yet and continued to buy several more styles, but none managed to make all the girls feel as gorgeous as they deserve to.

Christmas came and I gave up, my toys were officially out of the pram and I was waiting for a miracle/lottery win so I could go to a bridal shop and treat them all to a ‘proper’ bridesmaid dress.

That miracle did happen! In the form of the John Lewis sale, in which I found a glorious selection of Maids to Measure dresses!! I had literally hit the jackpot, I’d lusted over these dresses in Kimberley Anne Bridal Boutique and we all know how stunning Lydia Millen’s bridesmaids looked in their Maids to Measure dresses. The glorious thing about this specialist brand is that your girls don’t have to be in the same dress, they can have whatever style suits them but they won’t look like they’ve been thrown together at the last minute.

So now I have five happy bridesmaid which makes for one especially happy bride!



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