Ideas for hosting a baby shower!

Ideas for hosting a baby shower!

My sister is currently 40 weeks pregnant which means the stork should soon be dropping off the newest addition to our family very soon. So in preparation for its arrival my Mum and I hosted our first baby shower in my Mum’s garden and luckily for us, it was a gloriously sunny day.

I found planning a baby shower for my sister much more enjoyable than planning an event for myself. It was a delightful combo of doing something for somebody else and also not having the pressure of being the centre of attention.

My sister is waiting until the little one joins us to find out the gender (it’s definitely a boy) so we needed a theme that would work for either. I wanted to stay away from classic blue and pink so we opted for the ‘Hello World‘ range by Ginger Ray as a starting point. The range is meant to be mint and rose gold… it’s not… it was blue with a smidgen of rose gold so bear that in mind if you’re thinking of ordering some bits from that range. I also found some excellent bits and bobs in Poundland’s baby shower range!

We hosted the shower from 1.30pm – 3.30pm and filled the time with lots of food, games and prosecco. Here are some of the things we did that I’d recommend trying if you’re planning a shower soon…

The games

What’s a baby shower without games? I think we had 8 in total, most of which I could take round to individuals which worked nicely as they could play without having to leave their group and more importantly, drinks!

  1. Guess what’s in the nappy
  2. Guess the baby food flavour
  3. Porn or Labour
  4. How big is Becci’s bump?
  5. How many jelly beans in the baby bottle?
  6. Design a baby grow
  7. Pin the dummy on the baby
  8. Ice, ice baby

Now, most of those you’ve probably heard of or played. Ice, ice baby was a bit of a wild card choice but it worked really well (hurrah). The aim of the game is to get a plastic baby out of a cube of ice faster than anyone else!

To play you need to order some tiny plastic babies, I got mine from eBay. You then need to freeze your babies inside some some homemade ice – that sounds savage when I type it.

When you’re ready to play just pop each ice cube into a plastic cup and give to a guest. We also put labels on the sides of the cups in case people put them down.

The winner is the first person to free their baby from the ice and shout ‘my waters have broken!’

They can use any means they want to melt the ice so you may find some competitive people biting theirs…

The decorations

My favourite piece of styling was the pimped up washing line. I didn’t think I’d be able to make a washing line look so good but it happened!

The photo frame is from Hobbycraft, the props were from Poundland and the baby grows were from Primark! I loved watching the grows change from plain white to designed as the afternoon went on.


The added extras

Nothing encourages healthy competition like prizes, so we made some gift bags that were filled with a candle, a small bottle of prosecco and some chocolate. We had ten prizes in total and used each bag as a letter to spell out ‘baby shower’ so we could make a feature of them. We presented the prizes at 3.30pm which meant everyone was brought back together as a group and it acted as a really nice, naturally close to the shower.


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