An evening of Proove Pizza and Prosecco

An evening of Proove Pizza and Prosecco

IMG_6257I was particularly excited to discover that a wood fired pizza restaurant was making its way to Burton Road this year and I was

lucky enough to be invited to the launch event of Proove Pizza on Friday (woop!).

The launch event itself was fab, we got to chat to the staff, try loads of pizza and drink all of the prosecco. However, my highlight of the evening had to be the performance by the acoustic duo Shell Deliah, anyone who sings ‘Say My Name’ with a voice like that wins my heart every time (you’ve got to watch the video below).

Now back to the restaurant… Proove was born in Sheffield after Rob (one of the owners) wondered why nobody made good Italian pizza in England?! So, he started doing it himself and he’s done a bloody good job. After just over a year in the Peak District, Proove are bringing their crispy thin basis, top notch sauce and theatrical open kitchen to Didsbury.

Not only is the pizza great but the styling of the restaurant is suitably trendy with copper lighting, metro tiles lining the walls and cosy booths. It’s a welcome addition to Burton Road and opens today so get booking!


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