A day at the races

A day at the races

As a surprise for my birthday, Jonny organised for all the girls and some of their boyfriends to go to Chester Races with us on Saturday 1st July. I really couldn’t have wished for a better present because I love the races and I just can’t get enough of these girls!


We went to Chester on the train from Southport which was fab as we had time for a few drinks on the way… When we arrived at the races, I placed a few bets but soon forgot about betting when the Pimms started flowing. We were blessed with glorious sunshine so I’m suffering from a sun and wine hangover today but it was well worth it.  If you’ve not been to Chester Races, here are my top tips:

1) Book Tattersall tickets

They are £40 but they allow you access to the centre course which in my humble opinion is the best place to be! There’s load of food, drink and places to watch the racing and perve on everyone’s outfits!

2) Book a table for after the races

Chester is unsurprisingly chocker after the races finish so  to ensure you have a table somewhere it’s worth booking in advance. We opted for The Botanist so we knew we’d be guaranteed a varied menu of food and drink to please everyone in the group and it turned out to be a great choice – the steak and ale pie was to die for!

3) Take a blanket/binbag/scarf/boyfriends jacket

This isn’t something I did, but I wish I had. Even though there are chairs available across the course,  they are hard to find. We ended up sat on the grass (on our boyfriends jackets obv), but one smart group of hens took bin bags which are waterproof and perfect for shoving into clutch bags. However, if someone is taking a larger bag, I think a beach blanket would really enhance the whole experience and give you a ‘base’ for the day.



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